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Customer Experience Management is More Than Engagement

This article is 5th in a series describing 10 unique characteristics of customer experience relative to more well-known concepts such as customer satisfaction and retention. The characteristic defined in this article is: Duration — Customer experience encompasses the point from which customers become aware they have a need until they say that need is extinct.

Customer engagement is really what many of us think of when we use the phrase customer experience management. During the past 15 years, customer-focus efforts have largely emphasized service excellence in contact centers, up-selling in CRM, or affinity-building in NPS or communities or references. While these customer engagement endeavors are subsets of customer experience management (CEM), they are often more revenue-oriented than customer well-being oriented, and hence, fall short of goals for superior customer experience and accompanying expectations for strong business results.

Return on Investment
For customer engagement to generate revenue, constant investment in campaigns, service, and technology are necessary. Alternatively, initial investment in CEM organically generates customer engagement for growth in revenue, and simultaneously reduces costs, for growth in profits. CEM is a dedication to serving customer needs from the customer’s perspective. By aligning the entire company with the customer’s perspective, CEM eradicates non-value-add activities and attitudes within a company, preventing hassles and minimizing waste. When customers enjoy hassle-free experiences, they’re naturally motivated to Continue reading