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Fall in Love with Your Customers for Best Customer Experience

This article is 3rd in a series describing 10 unique characteristics of customer experience relative to more well-known concepts such as customer satisfaction and retention. The characteristic defined in this article is: Dynamic – Customer experience evolves with the customers’ context — the purpose and circumstances of their need, and overall experience reference points.

customer satisfaction surveyWhat happens when you fall in love with your customers? Aside from the typical starry-eyed craze, someone who is wildly in love has insatiable curiosity and uncanny adaptability. For an organization, this means customer-centric listening and customer-focused decisions, which result in winning customers’ hearts and budgets. Greater sincerity in love more likely leads to longer-lasting happiness, i.e. self-sustaining business results.

Insatiable Curiosity: Customer-Centric Listening

  • More vivid than traditional surveys:
    The last time you asked a new friend what they thought of something you did, you probably were intent on Continue reading

Customer Experience Management Prevents Hassles

One out of two companies (44%) acknowledge that high-profile negative customer experiences have at some time compromised their brand, yet only 29% have high ability to handle and resolve customer complaints.1 Do you proactively embrace customers’ constructive feedback? While surveys have long been in place for most companies, only 31% of marketing executives report that their company takes customer listening seriously, and just 38% of companies are gathering customer insight from customer engagement situations.2 Many customer satisfaction managers emphasize the positive and de-emphasize the negative responses. A lack of processes and comfort levels for digesting and acting on constructive feedback can leave a company vulnerable to severe consequences.

Make it safe for executives and employees to receive less than stellar results – as long as they diligently improve. A motto such as this one may be useful in establishing curiosity rather than fear: Good news is no news; no news is bad news; bad news is good news.3 Make it part of your culture to look at negative feedback from customers as early warning signals, and, as the old saying goes, turn lemons into lemonade.

Virgin Mobile measures Continue reading

Please Give Us a ‘Highly Satisfied’ Rating!?!

Why do sales and service representatives feel compelled to tell customers how to answer a survey? Does the company want to know what the customers really think, or is the company trying to build positive publicity by claiming superior ratings?

The answer to the second question exposes the company’s culture and customer experience management motives — whether they are striving to be customer centric (eager to know and act on what customers really think), or happy to be self centric (eager for positive publicity). Maybe the motive behind the satisfaction survey depends on the sponsoring organization; perhaps a Marketing-sponsored satisfaction survey will naturally lean toward PR objectives, while a Quality-sponsored satisfaction survey will naturally lean toward continual improvement. Regardless of the sponsor, here’s why it’s best to pursue a customer centric survey strategy:

1) Investment: Surveys are an investment of customer time and of company funds, manpower and time – aren’t there more straightforward (honest) and cost-effective Continue reading