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Customer Survey Actions & Feedback to Customers

One of the most powerful ways to keep your customers talking to you is to show that you really read and digest their feedback, and show that you have followed their advice in making improvements. At Symantec, Motorola, and Boeing, the Vice President of Customer Experience posts online the results of their latest feedback from customers, as well as what they're doing to address that feedback.

By closing the loop with customers, you can re-set their perceptions, so they don't feel compelled to carry around negative baggage of past experiences. They can re-set their perceptions to better meet your current realities of improved policies, business processes, and customer experiences. Symantec takes this a step further with a feedback form on their website — enabling anyone anytime to either vent their frustrations or express appreciation for a job well done.

Anytime customers share feedback — whether solicited via survey or unsolicited via complaint or casual comments to front-line employees — it's important to acknowledge the customers' view and thank them, with assurance you're working on solutions. Don't let them feel like they're hanging on a cliff waiting for advice they offered to make a difference!

At Boeing, a top executive writes an open letter to all customers, explaining what they company heard from the most recent customer survey, and detailing the company's achievements Continue reading