Customer-Aligned Perspectives

Inspire employees to take the customer perspective. Know your customers' world better than your competitors do.

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Customer Data Integration

Customer Data Integration

Create a common perspective company-wide by presenting integrated customer data from different sources. Improve cross-functional collaboration and synergies through a single view of customers.

Customer Complaints

Systematic Complaint Resolution

A 1% reduction in negative word-of-mouth is 300% more valuable than increasing positive word-of-mouth by 1%. Identify patterns and root causes to resolve issues and prevent recurrence.

Customer Value

Customer Value Quotients

See the customer experience journey as customers do: as a series of cost-benefit trade-offs. Discover customers' inherent metrics and ways to differentiate customer experience and build mutual value.

Customer World

Customer World Perspective

Ask customers about their world rather than yours. Make the most of existing inputs from customers. And capture customer perspectives from all buying influencers.

Customer Persona

Customer Experience Personas

Clarify ideal customer experiences by characterizing customer groups' wish lists for what to maximize and what to minimize. Sensitize everyone company-wide to customers' realities & dreams.

Customer Jobs to Be Done

Circumstances Segmentation

Discover customer expectation differences by their "jobs to be done" — circumstances that drive the customer experience. This segmentation illuminates differentiation opportunities.

Customer Experience Coaching

Customer Experience Coaching

Ask a seasoned customer experience expert for advice on issues as they arise. Get a second opinion on your approaches. Maximize consulting flexibility through CX management mentoring.

Customer Programs

Customer Program Review

Ensure best practices in your customer experience strategies, programs, and execution. Build on proven success factors and expertise across all your customer experience efforts.

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75% of best-in-class adopters of customer experience management have increased customer loyalty as a result of CEM initiatives, versus 53% of average adopters of CEM. (Aberdeen)

What is Customer Experience Management?

Ways We Can Help
  • Find commonalities of disparate sources
  • Streamline presentations' integrated view
  • Improve reports' integrated consistency
  • Align managers' perspectives

  • Create complaint-handling process
  • Solve issues systematically at origin
  • Focus on roots to prevent recurrence
  • Close the loop with customers

  • Quantify customers' view of benefits
  • Quantify costs: price, time, effort, worry
  • Compare competitors' value quotients
  • New ways to innovate & differentiate

  • Expand use of existing customer inputs
  • Improve customer-focus of surveys
  • Develop portfolio of customer inputs
  • Collect views of each buying influencer

  • Determine customers' jobs-to-be-done
  • Prioritize things to increase
  • Quantify & prioritize negative gaps
  • Characterize customer groups

  • Correlate operational, financial, & customer data by customer experience circumstance segments
  • Tools for strategic use by managers
  • Tools for tactical use by front-line

  • Advice on ongoing CX management
  • Mentoring to navigate CX politics
  • One-on-one or group discussions
  • Phone/screen-sharing conversations

  • Assess effectiveness of CX management
  • Identify opportunities for CX optimization
  • Coach program managers/sponsors
  • Guide change management
  • Design roadmaps & pilots
  • Business process analysis for waste reduction and customer alignment
  • Guidance in working with a wide variety of customer management vendors

Get ClearAction's Advice
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All of ClearAction's consulting is customized to your specific needs (mentoring, train-the-trainer and/or remote/on-site analysis/delivery).

Note: ClearAction does not provide survey management or technology solutions.
Our work seamlessly augments your existing VoC efforts or helps you navigate
your VoC options to create a methodology that best fits your customers.

Customer experience management is necessary, yet insufficient.

Leapfrog your competitors through customer experience optimization:

Customer Experience Management
Customer Experience Optimization
  • How the company is doing
  • How the company can increase revenue
  • What the customer is doing and why
  • How the company can contribute to well-being
Typical Tools:
  • Surveys, listening posts
  • Advisory boards, user groups
  • Positive word-of-mouth, promoters
  • Social media, communities
  • References, buyer personae
  • Text mining, voice mining, data integration
  • Complaints, cost-benefit perceptions
  • 360-degree view of customers' world
  • Jobs-to-be-done segmentation
  • Customer experience personae

Customer Experience Services

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Customer Experience Differentiation

Case Studies

Scenario: After many years of collecting voice of the customer (VoC), executives of a major business information provider realized greater actionability and employee engagement were needed to improve VoC value for the company.

Solution: We assessed the existing VoC methodologies and reports and identified several ways the VoC could better reflect customers' views, business results context, and explicit actionability. We provided examples of similar companies' approaches as evidence of our best-practice recommendations. Then we created a playbook of practical ideas and templates to stimulate employee engagement in acting on survey results, experimenting with new VoC approaches, and achieving stronger results for the company and customers as well.

Scenario: A new Vice President of Customer Experience in a retail service company wanted to accelerate his mastery of CEM and to maintain morale and momentum by deploying CEM right-the-first-time.

Solution: We mentored the vice president by explaining best-practice concepts, walking through templates for deployment, customizing approaches to the specific scenarios at the company, assessing the work of internal task forces, and providing advice for internal politics navigation, cultural change, and strong business results.